The Silent Enemy: Johnson Law's infographic highlights shocking statistics about PTSD
19th February 2014
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Johnson Law have produced an infographic which highlights some interesting and shocking statistics about PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), its symptoms and how they can be treated. 

Recent news reports have confirmed that British troops are preparing to pull out of Afghanistan with the last of them scheduled to leave within the year. 

One area of concern for these returning soldiers and others before them is their mental health with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD presenting a real issue for today's military forces.

PTSD cases look to grow by 12% over the next few years. The condition can have severe and devastating effects for the 11,000 serving military personnel who are currently diagnosed, but as over 93% of veterans are embarrassed of their problem, the real number is significantly higher.

Johnson Law can help if you are someone you love is suffering from PTSD. The team have over 5 decades experience dealing with compensation claims for PTSD. Johnson Law have closed cases and got compensation the client was happy with for loss of earnings, payment for medical expenses, future loss of earnings and future PTSD rehabilitation costs. They will handle your case with discretion and sensitivity and be in contact with support groups in the area to help you recover. Call them on 01204 684015 to find out more.

Johnson Law hope the infographic will show that those suffering are definitely not alone and encourage them to seek treatment and the help they deserve.




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