The Purple Property Shop Continue To 'Move' From Strength To Strength
18th June 2012
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Over at the Purple Property Shop, theyy have just enjoyed their best month ever, and, signs indicate that things are just going to continue to get better for them.

In terms of number of offers, May saw the most they had ever received on properties they ahve advertised. Of course, that doesn't mean all these offers were accepted (as that clearly cannot work logistically), but ti shows that there is recovery in the housing market, and that people are definitely looking to purchase property at the moment.

Indeed, in what is being labelled one "Terrific Tuesday" last month, the business sold an incredible five properties, all on the one day, totalling over £1 million in value. What a day.

And last, but certainly not least, the Purple Property Shop has reached the final of the Bolton & Bury Business Awards in the New Company Category. This is a great achievement, and well-deserved recognition for all the hard-work Matt and Sally have put in over the last year.


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