The most common work place irritation – “Tech failure”
9th May 2012
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Are you one of those managers who love IT and Technology “as long as it is working”.  I have lost count of the number of times I’ve had this said to me!  Well, you are not alone - some 53% of small business managers identify technology problems, including incompatibility issues, out-dated hardware and email overload as the biggest frustration in the office, according to a study by ABN AMRO Commercial Finance.

Those surveyed also were also reported to be increasingly annoyed by the growing smartphone addiction and the resulting lack of interaction between staff.  Whilst the majority (61%) agreed that modern technology has improved productivity and efficiency at work, almost a third (32%) still believe that it has created more problems than it has solved.


More than half (55%) of younger managers aged 25-44 are more stressed in their current role than they were five years ago, with almost a third of this group finding the workplace more annoying than they did five years ago due to advances in the technology used.

The older generation is more concerned with the lack of face-to-face interaction caused by technology in the workplace, with 44% of over-55s finding this to be an issue. Only 29% of managers aged 25 to 44 find a lack of interaction to be a problem.

The workplace has changed in a huge way, even in the last five years. Smartphones, tablets, social media and other technology have increased our productivity.  However, these same technological advancements have also raised our stress levels and created a host of additional irritations.  In today’s climate, small annoyances like this can be brought into sharp relief and even get in the way of the day-to-day running of companies. It’s important that business managers don’t let these modern irritations stop them tackling the things that really matter to business success.


The key for small businesses is to engage with a trusted technology partner.  This will help to ensure that small businesses are using technology to its maximum benefit whilst providing the confidence and security that when something goes wrong, help is easily at hand.


Maybe now is the time to review your relationships with technology partners?  Are they proactive, contacting you to let you know about the latest developments?  Do they simply sit back and wait something to go wrong and then spring into action?

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