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8th October 2015
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Incontinence is a problem condition that can affect people of all ages and of all genders. It is a problem faced by over 7 million people throughout the UK and can seriously impair the life style and confidence of those so affected.

So what is Incontinence?

In many cases a urinary leakage occurs that is unpleasant and inconvenient but relatively minor, in others it may be a more substantial problem.

This can happen to children, the ‘wet bed’ situation experienced by many parents of small children. However, this problem is not specifically an age related one, it can happen to anyone male or female, young or old. Basically it appears to be brought on by confused signals in one’s system, not by physical activity, and it may be brought on by conditions in the environment around the person.

Recovery from child birth or surgery may also be a cause of this condition. One thing that is very important is to stress that not drinking enough liquids to reduce the risk is counterproductive and quite possibly dangerous. Medical advice should be sought before taking any such steps.

Bolton based Company, The Incontinence Shop, is the premier supplier if incontinence products throughout the Country. They sell items specially designed to mitigate the condition and designed to give confidence to the wearer, thereby enabling then to carry on enjoying life and working, liberating them from this unpleasant condition.

The Incontinence Shop supplies to both domestic customers and to commercial organisations throughout the UK.

The Incontinence Shop carry a large range of products designed for men, women, and children. Some of their products are washable, some are disposable depending upon the person’s requirements. All items are recognised brand names, thoroughly reliable, efficient and comfortable for the user.

The staff at The Incontinence Shop are ready to help and advise about their range and how their products may be used to best effect. 

The Incontinence Shop are conveniently located in Farnworth, so why not pop in? They also offer a complete discreet delivery service!

If you need any more information about Incontinence Shop Ltd give them a call on 01204 571017

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