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29th January 2015
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Just how long after the New Year bells went did you make your first resolution? Did you promise that 2015 would be your year? The one where you lose weight and get into a whole new level of fitness and comfort?

Sadly, for many people, this is the closest that they get to actually fulfilling those ambitions. Even with the best of intentions and all the support around us in the world, reality tends to kick in and those squats and thrusts become replaced by extra hours at work and dealing with the problems that life throws at you.

All that money spent on healthy foods, juices, a new blender, gym memberships and clothing etc. will just go to waste for most of those in this situation, but it does not need to be this way.

If you find that your New Years Resolutions tend to run out of energy and reality within about a month, and you aren’t making the progress you intended, then you need to try and change it up. Similarly, if you aren’t seeing the results you expect for the effort being put in then you need to consider adjusting your approach – throwing in the towel and walking away from the situation isn’t going to fix anything.

If you want to get out of this horrible situation and want to start pushing yourself towards a more holistic approach to making a difference, you should look into Physiofusion. This all-in-one program gives you all the information, advice and support you’ll need to make sure that those Resolutions become lifestyle choices rather than short-term flings. By helping to combine various physiotherapy and sports injury sessions with a litany of alternative practices, we provide the most balanced selection of choices out there for anyone who wants to get fit and healthy.

Whether it’s getting back into shape post-injury, or you are looking to start shedding pounds for the first time, you’ll find that Physiofusion can make the recovery afterwards and in the coming days so much easier. With a team of expert therapists who have been picked because of their devotion and experience within the industry, we feel confident that our professionals can give you help with anything including;

  • Massages
  • Nutritional Assistance & Therapy
  • Pilates Exercises
  • The “Alexander Technique”
  • Reflexology
  • Ai Chi
  • Podiatry

All of these can be key to bringing out the new you as 2015 goes on! With these simple solutions provided at one of the many Physiofusion clinics throughout COUNTRY, you never need to put up with injury or pain again. 

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