The Duffy Group Tell Us Why Its Important To Have a Last Will and Testament
20th January 2012
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Why Get A Will.

If I said have you sorted your last Will and Testament two thirds of the population would say no, if I said you should sort that out most people probably won’t.  So Why should you?

Its keeps your loved ones protected – ensuring your wishes are carried out and the correct parts of your estate go to the people that you want. Without a will your estate will be divided between your family as directed under intestacy law, dependant on circumstances this may include wife children (regardless of age) parents, sibling and other more remote parts of your family. If you have no family it will all go to the government.

Any children under the age of 18 will become wards of the court and as such their future will be decided by social service or court action. Children may be placed in foster care during the interim.

You can give gifts to family and friends. Examples may be jewellery to granddaughters, or military service medals to grandsons.  Giving a lifelong friend an ornament that they have always admired.

Have you fallen out with a close relative? If the worst happened would you be happy if they inherited some or all of your estate tomorrow? 

For people with larger estates inheritance tax is chargeable at 40%. Having the correct Will could save you thousands of pounds.

For more information on wills and making sure your loved ones are taken care of, speak to The Duffy Group and have a look at their amazing special offer where they are doing One Will for Only £70 and a mirror Will for You and A Partner for £120


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