Why are Helio Fitness in Bolton a gym with a difference?
21st March 2013
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At most gyms, only the mundane grind of treadmills, occasional grunt and soulless panting can be heard. At Helio Fitness Bolton, the place is filled with life.

Gym atmospheres and environments vary from one end of the spectrum to the other, but Helio Fitness, unlike other gyms, considers the concept in between. Every gym will have facilities for you to use and a place for you to change, which is standard, although the quality of these facilities and services are debatable. The environment and atmosphere however, vary massively.

Whether it is blaring ear perforating music or mundane machinery silence, each gym has their own sound but it comes as no surprise that gyms don’t really think beyond it, particularly how it affects people and their training. They will tell you the silence is to let you concentrate or the music is to pump you up and help you get results.

More often than not, however, it doesn't work.

Music is one thing but the atmosphere of the gym is created through a sense of family, of unison – something Helio prides itself on. There is nothing more infuriating and saddening than seeing people unable to enjoy their training because of the atmosphere, or lack of. Training should be fun, the gym should be a place of belonging, cater and care. A second home if you may.

We all train for different reasons and different goals, but beneath the surface we all train for a common purpose: to live better, to be better, and to be happier.

Disagree if you may, but too many people fail to achieve anything due to a lack of motivation, lack of focus and lack of knowledge. Whether it is fault of the facility, environment or atmosphere as a personal trainer, coach and part of the team at Helio, we aim to change and tackle that problem so commonly present in other gyms.

We do this through educating through workshops, bringing mindfulness to training, and creating a motivating environment that allows a community to thrive at achieving a common goal. Executing training with such intent and mind-set in an ambient atmosphere only further excels your training.

Yes, environment and facilities are just as equally and vitally important and Helio acknowledges that, but is that the limit of service in which we can provide? We certainly don’t think so. The facilities, maintenance, cleanliness, equipment, and classes are just the surface of what Helio delivers.

The owners of Helio, Neil, Ken and manager Danielle, along with all the staff and specialists, have one aim. That is to all strive and deliver excellence to you as a lifetime commitment – for a healthier and happier lifestyle. 

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