The Common Mistakes in Websites that Should be Avoided!
13th July 2017
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Effective websites are a marketing platform that can reach customers across the globe bringing them to your business premises so that you can do business with them.

Business people put a great deal of their professionalism into producing a ‘great’ website with which to impress their customer audience. How sad is it, then, when their professionalism is not reflected on their website due to basic errors.

What errors?

Simple typos and spelling errors that can change the context completely and will be spotted at a glance, they prove that nobody has proof-read the content before loading it, and that is unprofessional.

Using different typefaces in the text, this is wrong in any format and is a turn-off. By all means, use italics, larger print, bullet points etc but keep the same format.

Allowing website content to become out of date because no one took the time to refresh it.

Poor website design, allowing the website to be counter productive. Sound advice is available and very cost effective from Scruffymonkey Digital Mediaof Bolton.

Poor use of photographs, videos and graphics, a lacklustre website will unsell your company very quickly.

Poor readability due to hard to see printing, poor use of background colouring, if people cannot easily see what you have to offer they will go elsewhere.

Unauthorised use of images and copied text, this will gain the wrong kind of attention and a possible lawsuit!

Incorrect contact information,

Inadequate payment arrangements.

Your website should be working for you 24/7 and doing so effectively, if not it is a waste of space! Rather than tolerate a poor website we recommend that business people talk to the professionals at Scruffymonkey Digital Media.

Scruffymonkey design excellent websites that are effective and will present your business to the wider world in a format that will help you bring in new business and will do so in a very cost-effective way.

Business is too important to waste time, money and effort producing a poor marketing platform, it is like having a shop window without any goods on display – or the wrong goods at the wrong price. A top quality website by Scruffymonkey will provide an excellent shop window on the global high street, and that means business!

Scruffymonkey Website professionals are a Five Star local business with top notch reviews by their many satisfied local customers, people who value what the Company has done for them, their opinion is greatly valued.


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