THE Chinese Buffet is now dementia aware in all their restaurants
9th October 2014
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THE Chinese Buffet is proud to announce they have become more dementia aware in each of their restaurants.

Every member of staff has read training manuals organised by Purple Aware, which supports businesses and individuals in understanding how to support people with dementia if they visit their company.

These including being patient if a customer suffering from dementia has trouble communicating with them, understanding that a client with dementia could take longer to pay, as people suffering from dementia often are unsure about which to use, recognising that people with dementia have trouble with spatial awareness and making allowances for that, etc

Only a small number of businesses ever become dementia aware, so THE Chinese Buffet will be in the minority when they display their dementia aware stickers in their front windows.

Purple Aware was started by Norman McNamara, who was diagnosed with dementia at the relatively young age of 50, so he has first-hand experience of what companies need to do to become more dementia aware.

All THE Chinese Buffet venues will be dementia aware. 

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