The bestof bolton's window cleaners' tips on choosing a window cleaner for your home or office.
22nd March 2013
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Before you hire a window cleaner for your house and office there are numerous factors to consider. By taking these points into account, the window cleaner you take on will be the best and the window they work on will never look unprofessional again. 

All service contractors should provide a certificate or liability and worker’s compensation insurance before they start working on your property. This is for your protection. The certificate should be made out specifically to your company and cover the workers that actually provide the service.

Some companies tell you that they are insured but then come up with a reason not to show you their certificate of insurance. Certificates should be posted from the insurance group and not delivered by hand. Be aware of companies who give you a certificate and then only the owners do the work or use sub-contractors, who could both be excluded from insurance coverage.

You should check all the references a company provided. Some companies (but none at thebestof bolton of course!) list references that have cancelled or never used their services. Questions you should ask previous customers include “was the window cleaning completed on schedule, if there have ever been sudden price increases and what did the workmen look like and how did they act?

If possible, negotiate a price that is guaranteed for the long term, with adjustments only for cost of living rates. Remember, you can cancel a contract for non-performance or bad quality. Some companies will give a low quote to get the job but then increase the price once they’ve been hired. A rare few will even skip cleaning sides of buildings altogether, or miss out cleaning windows they think you won’t notice.

Check all the credentials of a window cleaner before you take them on. Recognised qualifications include the International Window Cleaning Association, Home Builder’s Association, Federation of Window Cleaners and the International Window Cleaner Certification Institute. These show a company is committed to providing continual amazing service and is keen to be involved in local business.

 Of course, for a window cleaner that does have superb references, excellent reviews, is fully accredited and have great prices, use either Power Washing North West, A1 Fosters Window Cleaning or HCS Cleaning Services. Contact them on (01204) 684074, 374007 and 876694 respictively. 

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