The best way to sit at a computer
4th August 2014
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Most of us  use at a computer whilst we’re at work and many of us for long periods of the day. But Bolton Therapy Centre know that many of us are sitting at our desks incorrectly, causing unnecessary pain and discomfort. Here they outline the best posture position, hand positions and more.

When you’re sat at a computer your feet should be flat on the floor. If you can’t reach the floor buy a foot  stool for them to rest on.

Instead of looking up at a PC screen you should be looking down at it, ideally at an angle of 30 degrees.You should sit with your back stretched rather than hunched up.

Have a look at the pictures above and below for the best way of sitting at a computer.

Whilst typing at a keyboard your hands should be straight when pressing the keys and not bent upwards or downwards at the wrist. Hands and fingers should be straight and not tilted outwards or inwards.

When you’re clicking a mouse your hand shouldn’t have to bend to touch the keys because you should be in a straight line from your wrist to thumb. Fingers should be flat on the keyboard and not bent over.

Your eyes should ideally be 45-70 centimetres away from a computer screen and be level with the top of the screen as you look directly at it.

Finally your elbow should be bent in a right angle shape when using the mouse and not have a completlystraight arm.


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