The best and worst sleeping positions for your health
27th September 2016
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There are lots of different ways to sleep. Giraffes have been known to sleep standing up and bats often sleep upside down. But for us humans, it’s usually on our front, back, side or curled up in the fetal position. But what does it mean for your health? Bolton Osteopathic Clinic reveal all.

Sleeping on your back

The very best position you can sleep in is on your back. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles, decreases acid reflux and stops neck and back pain. Your perfect pillow would be one thick one, so that your head and neck stay supported but your head isn’t propped up too much.

The only bad thing about sleeping on your back is it can cause an increase in snoring.

Sleeping on your side

Sleeping on your side is ok but still isn’t the perfect sleeping position. Like sleeping on your back, it can be helpful to sleep in this position during pregnancy but it isn’t good for face and breasts. It can cause squashing of the face and chest.

Sleeping on your side is good for reducing snoring and acid reflux.

The best pillow for you if you sleep in this position is a chunky one, to fill the space above your shoulders so that your neck and head are supported.

Sleeping in the fetal position

If you sleep in the fetal position it can cause an increase in arthritic pain, premature facial wrinkles and restrict breathing in your diaphragm. It is however useful if you are pregnant. Try not to arch your back too much if you sleep in this position, and use a thick pillow to cover the space above your shoulders so your head and neck are in a comfortable position.

Sleeping on your stomach

Sleeping on the stomach is probably the worst position you can sleep in. It puts pressure on the joints and muscles, which in turn can occasionally cause numbness and pain and it is difficult to maintain a neutral spine position from sleeping on your stomach. If you have the incorrect head position, it can cause aching too.

If you do suffer from any aches or pains, then be sure to visit  Bolton Osteopathic Clinic. The team there are experts treatment for pain reduction and maintaining health. Call them on 01204 361463 to make your appointment. 

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