The Annual Turton Rotary Sleigh Appeal 2013
22nd November 2013
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The annual Turton Rotary Sleigh is about to start it's rounds around Bolton soon and will be coming to an area near you over this festive period.

I know I shouldn't, but I can't help but get excited when I see Santa in his sleigh and I'm so happy that this great event happens in Bolton every year over Christmas.

Last year the Turton Rotary Sleigh raised around a whopping £10,000 for local charities, which I must say is amazing! So, bring the whole family along, get the chance to meet Santa and please give a small donation for our wonderful local charities.

Here are the places where you will see Santa this Christmas in Bolton.

  • 28-Nov Thur Ramwells Brow (streets) 
  • 29-Nov Fri Asda (Astley Bridge) 
  • 29-Nov Fri 2 x Xmas lights (Chapeltown & Edgworth) 
  • 30-Nov Sat Morrisons (Harwood) 
  • 01-Dec Sun Morrisons (Harwood) 
  • 02-Dec Mon Hall i`th Wood (streets) 
  • 03-Dec Tue Old Barratts Estate (streets) 
  • 04-Dec Wed Hospital Road (streets) 
  • 05-Dec Thu Egerton (streets) 
  • 06-Dec Fri Co-op (Bromley Cross ) 
  • 07-Dec Sat Asda (Astley Bridge) 
  • 08-Dec Sun Asda (Astley Bridge) 
  • 08-Dec Sun Dunscar Golf Club Childrens Party Andrew Lane Lights 
  • 09-Dec Mon Astley Bridge (streets) 
  • 10-Dec Tue Oldhams Estate (streets) 
  • 11-Dec Wed New Barratts (Turton Heights) (streets) 
  • 12-Dec Thu Templecombe Drive (streets) 
  • 13-Dec Fri Holden Avenue (streets) 
  • 14-Dec Sat Morrisons (Harwood) 
  • 14-Dec Sat Dunscar Conserv Club Childrens Party 
  • 15-Dec Sun Asda (Astley Bridge) 
  • 15-Dec Sun King William (Chapeltown Road) 
  • 16-Dec Mon Bradshaw Meadows (streets) 
  • 19-Dec Thu Co-op (Bromley Cross) 
  • 20-Dec Fri Asda (Astley Bridge) 
  • 21-Dec Sat Morrisons (Harwood) 
  • 22-Dec Sun Asda (Astley Bridge) 
  • 23-Dec Mon Morrisons (Harwood)

Make sure when you see Santa in his sleigh and Turton Rotary Club you give them a big hello and thank them for all their hard work and effort they go through to give back to our local charities!

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