The all new Toyota C-HR
21st February 2017
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Driving this car, you very quickly realise you’re in a car with a lot of clever gadgets and toys, I don’t think I’ve ever driven a car with so many!

I recently drove the new Toyota C-HR over a long weekend, traveling over 300 miles on motorways, A roads and inner city driving and couldn’t fault it on any occasion. The effortless drive of this fully automatic hybrid 1.8l petrol car made every manoeuvre a joy to perform.

I’ve driven automatic cars before and some had smooth acceleration, while others moved you up through the gears in quite a jerky manner but this one produces a continuous, flowing acceleration, I don’t know what they call it but there are no gears, it’s simply a progression of acceleration, admittedly something which at first sounds a little weird, as the engine revs quite high while accelerating but does so effortlessly and quickly.

When I say the cars automatic, that description extends far beyond the drive capability, with automatic light activation, windscreen wipers, handbrake, ‘Road Assist’ Technology, Lane Departure Alert, Pre Collision System, Adaptive Cruise Control, Simple Intelligent Parking Assistance and much much more!

I mentioned a few things above which need a little more emphasis, as new technology in cars is moving so fast!

Road Assist, Lane Departure and Adaptive Cruise Control are awesome features on a long journey. Trundling down the motorway at 70 MPH, where you can these days, is never easy when the traffic’s heavy or passing through roadworks but in this car, while you obviously can’t go to sleep, the car does most of the work in maintaining speed, a safe distance from the car in front, braking and staying in the centre of your chosen lane, with audible alerts as well as mechanical/physical intervention to ensure your safety.

Along with the Pre Collision System, it’s almost impossible to get yourself in trouble in this car with a comfort level to match.

There’s also a whole array of cosmetic features, which while they don’t affect the drive really contribute to the overall enjoyment of the Toyota C-HR, like ambient lighting in the drive compartment, snazzy lights in the auto-retracting wing mirrors which project C-HR onto the ground when you unlock the car and all sorts of digitally produced driving analytics to let you know how you’ve driven.

Overall, we spent an enjoyable few hours in all sorts of driving conditions in this car and left it reluctantly to return to normality in my own car but you don’t have to! With prices from £21,000 to £28,000 for standard models and up to £31,000 if you add all the bells and whistles, this is a car that anyone can drive and I urge you to go and have a look for yourself.

Thank you to RRG Bolton for giving me the opportunity to drive this car, I’ll watch in envy as I see others driving this stylish beast around Bolton!

If you would like to see the all new Toyota C-HR, visit RRG Bolton Toyota

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