Ten Things to Consider When Buying a Photocopier
7th May 2013
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If you’re thinking of buying a new photocopier from Copy Print Services, there are lots of things to consider. 

But the 10 main things are price, copy speed, copy volume, compatibility, post-sales support options, scanning features, network capability, manufacturer, additional features and benefits and purchasing options.

Price is arguably the most important factor when buying a photocopier, however Copy Print Services are very good value for money. Shop around before you visit them to get an idea of how much your photo copier will cost. Just remember that as a lot of the products are so advanced, you might not be paying for just the products, you could be paying for the extended features 

Copy speed is how fast the copier will print. It is written in pages per minute. Generally, if 3-10 people are using the copier it will print 25-45 pages per minute on average. It relates to the copy volume, because the faster the copier is the more pages it will print. Copy Print Services will advise you what speed of copier will suit your business.

Copy volume is how many pages per month the photocopier can process. If the copy speed is low, generally the copy volume is too. Volume categories are divided into different sectors. These are professional print, high volume, mid volume, low volume, for occasional use and small or home office. Again Copy Print Services are experts in knowing what will work for your office.

Copy Print Services have a full after care service to maintain your photocopier should a fault occur. Lots of businesses don’t provide this though. When you buy from Copy Print Services, they will inform you what their full service contract agreement is and how much this will cost. Even the very best photocopiers can become faulty so this is great for peace of mind. 

When you’re buying a new copier you want to get as much benefit from it as possible. One such advantage is a digital document production that can link with your computers network. Once everything is connected a photocopier could turn into a fax machine, scanner and more. If this is something you’ll want your photocopier to do, think about which operating systems you’ll be using and how the copier will blend in with it. Mid-sized and upwards copiers usually have network functionality already installed. Copy Print Services can tell you if this is the case.

Copy Print Services only work with the very best manufacturers. These include Canon, Samsung Olivetti and Konica Minolta. These all have a great reputation and strong track record of being a good product. Copy Print Services will tell you lots more information about these top brands.

In these days of people having tight purse strings, many businesses are wanting to find a more affordable way of buying a photocopier. Renting a copier could be the solution, and Copy Print Services have a range of lease, rent and buy options for you to consider. Look at their great payment options they have. Leasing may mean you can upgrade your photocopier easier.  

Most photocopiers will work with the normal software and hardware installed on a computer, however you should always check they will match what you already have on your PC. Copy Print Services know which work and which don’t so ask them before you buy. They might even be able to run a pre installation survey to confirm which will run smoothly.

A lot of photocopiers now come with scanners.  Not everyone needs a scanner with the copier so think about how it’ll work for your business. Copy Print Services can give you tips on this. A multi-functional device is best suited with a feature rich network scanner. Many computers nowadays can scan images straight into your computer. 

Several photocopiers come with more than just the ability to photocopy. They often include scanners, document workflow solutions and editing software’s to enhance your photocopying experience. Copy Print Services know which of their photocopiers come with extra features. Always check you can get control of the photocopier from another device. 

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