Technological Solutions For Time-Strapped Professionals By Comms Consult
20th June 2012
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Below is some excellent news from Comms Consult, something which could be of interest to everyone as it involves time-saving technology, but especially those involved in business . . .

As businesses continue to streamline, seeking cost and time efficiencies wherever possible, independent telecoms company, Comms Consult, is offering an '€˜on-the-go'€™ technological solution for showcasing company services and products.

In partnership with software provider, NMS, Comms Consult is offering an app which allows customers to view service and product demos via Webex on iPhone and iPad. While remote demonstrations have existed for several years, this new tool will enable decision-makers to view business-enhancing products and services while on the move.

In addition to the time-saving qualities this new service offers, using Webex on iPhone and iPad also provides businesses with an environmentally-friendly and more cost-effective alternative to face-to-face meetings, as travel is not required.

Matt Tomkin, managing director at Comms Consult, comments: '€œAs a nation, we are renowned for working far beyond our scheduled hours, especially in the current economic climate when we are facing increasing pressures on time and budgets.  As a consequence, decision-makers are finding it more difficult to find time in their working day to dedicate to product and service demonstrations.

'€œWith the growth of the Smartphone revolution, comes a generation of technologically-savvy business people who demand simple and effective solutions to their time-constricted working days. This new service will allow businesses to view Webex on their iPhones or iPads, while travelling, meaning this potentially '€˜lost time'€™ is no longer redundant and can now be diverted to effective use. As technology continues to develop, and companies continue to seek time and cost-effective solutions for their needs, I suspect demand for such services will soar.'€ÂÂ

Comms Consult are an award-winning consultancy based here in Bolton, who are highly recommended for their innovative approach to the design, supply and installation of high quality communications products and services. For more information about any of their products and services, or if you have any questions, call them on (01204) 684086, or visit their feature page here.

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