Synergy Dental have been donating dental goodies to Cancer Research
19th February 2014
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A lot of us know that on the 4th February it was world cancer day around the world and Synergy Dental have been donating dental goodies to the Cancer Research shop.

World Cancer Day is a way to improve everyone's knowledge around cancer and dismissing misconceptions about it and Synergy Dental are trying to raise awareness of oral cancer which could lead to thousands of deaths in just the UK alone.

Oral cancer has increased by 50 percent over the last decade, and that's why Synergy Dental have been giving away products to the Cancer Research Shop in the town centre for them to resell and raise money, but guess what, not just once, they're going to be doing it on a regular basis!

Synergy are trying to help reduce the amount of false information people still believe about cancer in other countries.

If you would like more information on world cancer day please click here

If you want some more information about Synergy Dental or would just like some advice, give them a call on 01204 684037 or click here

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