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29th November 2011
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Nick Hopkinson MBE suporter of Bolton Lads and Girls Club extends a special invitation to you to join in a fundraising event.


It’s the Outdoor markets in Manchester and it’s a gourmet night in Harvey Nichols.

It’s also a chance to meet and chat to supporters of the Lads and Girls club in a great restaurant with nice food.

It’s a chance to catch up on what we are up to at the club.

Fundraising has got really hard this year and the funds are more essential now than ever before.

We aren’t asking a lot (just £50.00) but we really want you to come along.

I am training at the moment for a big snow and ice climb in January.

We are heading into the Atlas Mountains to summit a 4200 meter peak called Toubkal.

It’s the highest in North Africa and only 600 meters lower than Mont Blanc!

Two of the ladies (who have never been up a mountain before) work in mentoring at the club.

One runs mentoring for young carers.

These are kids as young as 8 who are the main carer in their family.

They look after mum and dad, brothers and sisters and are still kids.

Mentoring is the only place where they get a consistent support from stable adults.

They are unbelievable kids and are desperate for our help.

Stories about the heroism of these kids would make you weep.

The other manages mentoring for looked after children.

These are kids who we used to say ‘are in care’.

Kids with no mum and dad.

Kids who the state looks after (or more realistically does not look after)

I call them the forgotten kids.

We give them hope.

We give them support.

We give them the chance of a more normal life.

Stories about how society has failed these kids would also make you weep.

Walking and talking to both these ladies (as I march them up and down Snowdon) has reminded me just how important the work we do at the club is.

It’s also reminded me that there is hope for these young people.

There is lots of hope, but only if good folk like you stand up and help us.

Because you know what?

If we didn’t do it then it just would not get done.

And if you didn’t help us with funds, then we couldn’t do what we do.

Please come to Harvey Nichols.

It’s important to the club.

It’s important to these kids.

And I hope it’s important to you.

If you would like to attend this event please contact Hayley at Bolton Lads and Girls Club on  01204 540100

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