Stuck for bedroom storage ideas? Phase Two Bedroom Design, Bolton have some bedroom storage solutions!
31st July 2013
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When you start thinking about designing your new bedroom, you’ll need to think about what storage you’ll want in it. For a totally new bedroom you can choose if you want fitted or free standing wardrobes, and if you’re just updating existing wardrobes a lick of paint will completely change the look of the room. Adding a chest of drawers or cabinet will give you more storage space too.

Fitted wardrobes can be installed almost anywhere, even if the space is an awkward one or just limited to one wall. They will still provide you with more room. For instance, a L shaped room can have a door leading to a walk in wardrobe or you can put a free standing wardrobe there instead.

The space underneath your bed should be utilised as a storage space. Under bed baskets work well with bedsteads. Divan beds with jobs are common, but the current idea in bedroom storage is a lift up bed. This is where the whole of the base of the bed is lifted up to give a storage solution the size of the bed it’s under.

Small, wide drawers are really popular at the moment and are perfect for bigger items like handbags. Tall narrow wardrobes are best for small items like socks.

Free standing wardrobes are useful in an older house that has alcoves for example. You can put wardrobes in each space. Two wardrobes are often enough space to store clothes in.

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