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10th December 2012
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I am not ashamed to admit that I only had my first steak several months ago, and haven't had once since. The reason for this is two-fold: 1) I don't like big slabs of meet. No, I prefer my meat in burger form, and, yes, even nugget-shaped. And 2) it is just so hard to get a steak right.

There's always a risk with steak. But, thanks to Barrons Of Beef, there is no risk involved whatsoever when it comes to buying one, thanks to the highest-quality meat and the best possible preparation practices.

But where do they steaks come from? Well, in a cow, there are 13 different areas of meat, split up into 12 different types (thanks to there being two 'Shanks'). These all have various tastes, and are often fought over like a pride of lions fight over a gazelle. There is also the common misconception that the more expensive cuts taste the best. Not true.

It is to the rear of the cow, and near the top, that most of the prime meat is taken. And it is on these areas where Barrons Of Beef's guide is concentrated.


Behind the shoulder (and the 'Chuck') is the 'Rib' area of the cow. It is from here that the well-known cuts Rib-Eye and Rib-Steak come from. The steaks are well-marbled with flavour, and the rib section provides the tastiest cuts on a cow. The meat is tender, and suculent enough for just a quick blast on the grill.


Behind the 'Rib' comes the 'Loin'. The 'Loin' itself is split up into further sections; 'Short Loin', 'Sirloin', 'Tenderloin', 'Top Sirloin' and 'Bottom Sirloin'. While it lacks in some of the flavour of the 'Rib', it makes up for it in tenderness (and price).

The 'Tenderloin' is the most expensive cut of steak available, but has less flavour than some of the more common cuts. The T-Bone is the choice of the undecided, boasting a bit of everything, including strip-steak and a piece of 'Tenderloin'.

The 'Sirloin' is cheaper and less-tender than many of those mentioned above, but is one of the tastiest pieces available.


The 'Round' section is the hind leg of the cow, where it is rounded (hence the name). Although it can be very flavourful, it's tough, being even less tender than the 'Sirloin'. Top Round is popular on the girll, Eye Of Round can be cooked quickly, but Bottom Round should be marinated first.

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Buying the right steak is essential. Which is why you need to pay a visit to a butchers that knows what they are talking about. And, if you're in Bolton or the surrounding areas, that means Barrons Of Beef is the place for you.

Barrons Of Beef is a family owned butchers that has been in business in Bolton for over 30 years. Barrons are known for their high-quality produce and exemplary customer service. Originally established and owned by Peter Barron, Barrons of Beef is now run by his sons Phillip and Jonathon.


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