Stay safe on the road during National Road Safety Week
6th November 2013
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National road safety week takes place from November 18th - 24th so make sure you're safe when you're out and about, but not just for the month, keep safe throughout on the road.

Every day over at least 8 children are killed on the road as a result of bad road safety but these deaths can easily be avoided. 

This year's theme for road safety week is 'Tune in to road safety' and this means giving the road your full attention. Especially if you're a driver, but even if you're walking, cycling, running etc. The charity 'Brake' will be taking a big part in the week to raise awareness of the consequences of bad safety on the road.

Most of these road accidents can be preventable and are often caused by speeding, using a mobile, drinking, taking drugs or driving when they are tired. While they're illegal, these are the main causes and lots of drivers own up to doing at least one of these at the wheel.

It would be great for everyone to get involved, why not hold a fundraiser to raise money for Road Safety Week? Or even just raise awareness by wearing a t-shirt or putting up some posters.

If you're a driver it is important that you remember the Highway Code, you can refresh your memory about it here.

If you would like to find out more information about Road Safety Week or find out how you can get involved, why not visit the Road Safety Week Website for some tips.

If you're worried about the condition of your car, especially for the winter why not get in touch with Whitecroft Garage or Crompton Way Motors who are both great MOT test centres.

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