Stay Safe In The Sun In Bolton, Top Tips For WHEN Our Sun Arrives!
13th June 2011
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OK probably looking outside today in Bolton, Safe Sun is not on your agenda but rather than wait until our summer comes....and it will I am sure, I wanted to put together a little advice on how to enjoy the summer sun and avoid the BIG BURN.

This comes from recently being out and about in Bolton sat outside a coffee shop and enjoying the warm weather and I was sat quite close to a family who were also enjoying the sun. A teenage girl whose skin was very pale, was getting redder by the minute as I sat there.

I am quite lucky in that my skin tans easily and I very rarely burn however I too have to be careful or I can end up looking a little like Judith Charmers! I was becoming increasingly worried about this girl as I could see her skin going very red and knowing this is not something you can always see or feel yourself when it is happening, was trying to pluck up the courage to go over and mention it to her. Before I had chance to do this, she then tapped her mother on the arm and gestured to her, showing off her skin and its reddening, her mother then nodded and smiled in appreciation of this new found 'sunburn'! 

So i carried on drinking my coffee and imagined how sore this poor girl will be later in the day, not to mention the on-going effects the sunburn could have on her sun.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the sun but I know you just have to be careful with different skin types and especially for babies and children. Those of you who know me, know that my husband David is a little follically challenged and he is obsessed (in a good way) by not letting his scalp burn and carries his factor 15 scalp spray around with him everywhere he goes (well actually its usually in my handbag!)

OK here are some tips to enjoy the sun without the pain

  1. WEAR SUN SCREEN. The days of rubbing baby oil on your body and basking for hours may be gone, but you can still enjoy a little sensible time in the sun.
  2. DRINK DRINK DRINK. If you've been couped up in an office for months, your body won't be used to hot weather. 
  3. DRESS TO PROTECT. Wearing the right clothing in the sun can keep you cool and burn free. 
  4. DRESS YOUR EYES. A pair of decent sunnies will block out the sun's UV rays
  5. TAKE A BREAK.Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, sunburn strikes. If it happens to you, be strict and stay out of the sun altogether until your skin recovers
  6. THINK OF THE CHILDREN. Make sure you don't forget to slap the sunscreen on the kids, reapply regularly, pop a hat on their heads
  7. MISTRUST CLOUDS. Just because it's cloudy, does't mean the sun can't reach you
When the sun does eventually get here, enjoy it and stay safe and dont forget if you have any tips to add, just leave them in the comments section below.

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