Stay Safe and Book Your Taxi With Rapid Taxis Over The Festive Period
11th December 2014
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Its that time of year when we are all out and about to various events and need to make sure not only can we get there but we can get home safely too. Rapid Taxis gives us a few handy hints on staying safe but also how to pre book a taxi with them over the festive period. 

Rapid Taxis are a longstanding Bolton company with a great reputation for arriving on time and serving their customers well, so much so they get customers coming back time and time again and asking for particular drivers.

Sadly not every taxi company has the same reputation so here are few of their tips on staying safe.

  • Always travel in a licenced taxi and dont be afraid to check the licence plate and the drivers badge.
  • When your taxi arrived, check its the once you ordered by making sure you get an idea from the operator the type of car, colour etc that will be coming to pick you up.
  • If you are using a taxi, let a friend know which company you are using and the telephone number of the company.
  • Never get into a taxi that has approached you in the street touting for business
  • If travelling along always sit in the back behind the drivers seat.
  • If you have any doubt at all, make your excuses and dont get in the taxi.

Over the festive period, Rapid Taxis will be offering their flat rate of costs to transport you with an increase on a couple of days.

Boxing Day 6pm-6am on 27th will increase to Fare and Half

New Years Eve from 6pm-6am 1st Jan will increase to fare and half.

There will be normal fares at all other times.

Rapid are getting very booked up so we would really urge you to get your festive transport booked in and stay safe this Christmas.

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