Some common mistakes on CVs (that can also be quite funny)
2nd November 2012
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We really cannot emphasise enough the need to proof read your CV.  Done properly it will help you avoid mistakes (and embarrassment).  So if you don’t want to underwhelm your potential employers try and avoid these mistakes which we encounter more frequently than you might think.

Here’s our top CV mistakes:

1: Spelling

Easily done, easily rectified.  Someone said he spoke English and ‘Spinach’, and another said he hoped he would hear from us ‘shorty’

2: Typos

Were you once a steakholder?  Did you work for an employer for sex years?  Maybe, but we doubt it

3: Be specific

Did you manage people?  If so, how many, doing what, and how did you get on?  Give us a clue

4: Omitting crucial details

Contact details would be useful.  A contact telephone number and email address are really essential these days too for most candidates

5:  Too much clutter

Break your text up a little bit.  We don’t want to read a novel.  We want to pick up key, salient facts.  Use paragraphs, and don’t use fancy designs that won’t always download or print correctly either

6: Lies

You know, we can find out your age pretty easily if we are serious about taking you on.  Your current earnings are easily traceable if we get a P45 from you too.  Credibility and integrity will be damaged if you are caught fibbing, and it is often quite easy to spot too

7:  No need to mention why you are leaving your current job

If it’s due to redundancy, that’s fine. But otherwise it’s usually likely to have negative connotations.  We can talk this through when we meet you

8:  Information that could reflect badly on you

OK, you may be a party animal.  You may like those trips to Magaluf with the gang.  But employers may be less impressed.  You may hate snakes and spiders too, but unless the job is at a zoo or a veterinary clinic, we don’t need to know

Avoid these common mistakes and you are on your way.  Simples really.  Good People can help you write a winning CV – contact us via the Best of Bolton to set you on the right track.



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