Slimline grey bins offered to Bolton residents
27th May 2014
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From July, Bolton Council is offering the option of slimline grey bins for residents to encourage recycling and reduce the amount of residual waste.

Residents who need a new grey bin will be offered the option of a 140 litre grey bin, as they are thinner and more convenient to handle. Residents who still have their grey bin, will also be offered the option to swop to a slimline grey bin.

Recycling is one of Bolton Council’s top priorities as it not only helps protect the environment but can reduce the charges associated with waste disposal, which cost Bolton £20.996M in 2013/14.

The cost of disposing of grey bin waste is significantly more expensive than recycling and therefore the more waste that residents can get out of the grey bins and into the recycling bins the better.

Bolton Council will be introducing a choice for residents to purchase either a slimline 140 litre wheeled bin or a larger 240 litre wheeled bin when they are replacing a lost, stolen or vandalised bin or purchasing a bin for a new property. Under the new arrangement, residents will be able to purchase a 240 litre grey bin at a cost of £40 or choose to purchase a 140 litre bin for just £10.

Currently residents only have the option to purchase a 240 litre bin which is charged at £32. This arrangement will continue until 1st July 2014, when the changes will be introduced.

The slimline bins may appeal to many households as they are the same height as the standard grey bin, but not as wide and are easier to store and handle. Therefore all residents will have the option of swapping their current grey bin for a slimmer one from 1st July free of charge if they prefer.

Recycling bins can be ordered free of charge online here or by calling 01204 336632.

Councillor Elaine Sherrington, Cabinet Member for Waste, Recycling and Housing said: “We’re offering residents a choice. The new slimline bins are an option for residents who may have less room and so are more convenient and are easier to handle. They are less expensive when residents come to replace a lost, stolen or vandalised bin and are also stolen less often.”

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