Six tips for a perfect Valentines night out
27th January 2015
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Valentine’s Day is only a couple of weeks away. Here are six tips for that ‘perfect’ Valentine night out.

1.  Plan it in advance. Decide who is going to drive and stick to the choice. If you both like a drink, book a taxi from Metro Cars . If a friend is driving make sure they don’t drink alcohol. Sort out where you want to go, what you want to do.

2.  Book a table. Are you eating out, meeting friends, dancing the night away or doing a show? It is nice, sometimes to be spontaneous, but Valentine’s Day, and night, will be booked solid. Restaurants, shows, and night clubs will all be very busy. So, if you want to go somewhere special, book early. We have so many wonderful restaurants as members!

3. Go easy on the alcohol. It is great to have a night out, but if you overdo it your evening may well be ruined. So, pace yourself, by all means have a drink or three but not on an empty stomach, and take it easy. Drinking to oblivion will ruin your love life, surely that is not a good idea on Valentine’s Day.

4. Leave the car at home. Take a taxi. Why drive into town when someone can drive there and back, no hassle, and cheaper than a ticket for driving over the limit, or worse. Give  Metro Cars a call on 01204 520000

5. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Your perfect night out is too valuable to spoil by not being aware of your personal safety. Take care of each other, don’t walk home alone. Think where you are, stay together and stay safe.

6. Enjoy. Have a great time. Valentines night is a romantic and special time, so be sure to have a great one. This is time together, a special time for lovers, or would be lovers, and if you do – don’t forget to say ‘I love you.’

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