Show you’re a romantic at heart with fresh flowers for Valentine’s Day
28th January 2015
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It has long been the tradition to give flowers for Valentine’s Day. What could be more romantic and heart-warming than beautiful fresh flowers to brighten up your loved ones life, with their delicate scent and vivid colours? 

Roses are the quintessential English flower that says volumes about how we feel about that special person, even a single long stem red rose means ‘I love you’, a bunch of red roses will make that statement loud and clear. In fact there are many different flowers in our shops, the first daffodils will be creeping into the shops soon, fresh from South Wales and Cornwall, and quite a few may come from farther afield. So, a few suggestions for you.

Red roses for the one you love are bound to melt the heart, roses are so romantic. Youngsters too can say ‘I love you, Mum’ with a single red rose, try it and your Mum will be bowled over.

Fresh flowers in a spray, or a bouquet, including lilies, gerberas and berried stems and quite a few more, they need not be vastly expensive, but handed to your loved one on Valentine’s Day will show them that you really care.

Spring daffodils may be available (depending on the weather) to bring a dash of much needed colour and show affection too.

A quick tip, when you are given your new flowers, snip off the bottom of the stalk - about an inch, if there is a sachet of feed put that in the water with the flowers, if not put a spoonful of sugar into the water with the flowers, repeat this each week, and your lovely Valentines flowers might just last until Easter. How romantic is that?

Why not pop into Farnworth and chat to Occasion Flowers to see what they reccomend. They will make up a spray for you, or a larger bouquet, using flowers that to have chosen.

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