Show your support for Mouth Cancer Action Month 2013
15th November 2013
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Had you realised that it was mouth cancer action month this month?

It might not be the nicest topic to talk about, but if you spot the signs early it can increase survival rates by up to 90%

Not everyone experiences symptoms, but the signs to look out for are

 an ulcer in the mouth or on the lip that won't heal (if it persists for longer than 2 weeks, see your GP or dentist).

- constant pain or soreness

- red or white patches in the mouth

- a lump on the lip, tongue or in the neck

- unexplained bleeding in the mouth

- numbness in the mouth

- unexplained loose tooth or teeth

Doctors aren’t sure exactly what causes mouth cancer, but it is thought that smoking and drinking can increase your chances of developing it. So by not smoking and drinking, you can lower the risks of getting mouth cancer. Eating healthily will help too and using lip balm to protect you from the sun can prevent lip cancer.

Taking part in The Blue Ribbon Appeal is the best way to support Mouth Cancer Action Month. The ribbons only cost a pound, and by wearing one you’ll be increasing the awareness of the cause.

Our bestof Bolton dentists are getting involved in mouth cancer action month. Synergy Dental are visiting Bolton Wanderers Football Club on the 21st November giving advice on how the team can look after their oral health. Synergy’s other practices outside of Bolton are doing the same. Their telephone number for the Bolton practice is 01204 522090.

True Dentistry always have experts on hand for consultations and appointments in all manner of dental care. Remember having regular check-ups with your dentist means they can check for the early signs of mouth cancer. Give them a call on 01204 684019.

We’re not trying to scare you, the symptoms probably aren’t the signs of anything sinister, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, so visit your dentist early to put your mind at ease. 

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