Shattered Ink Dispel The Usual Myths Surrounding Tattoo Removal
14th November 2012
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I want a tattoo. But, I also don't want a tattoo. I think they can look great on other people, but probably not so much on myself. However, there is no real effective way of previewing a proper tattoo. And I also have my parents continually telling me that once you get one, it's for life.

But, now, thanks to Shattered Ink, I know this is no longer the case. They are Bolton's leading laser tattoo removal clinic, offering the latest gold standard in tattoo removal with advanced Q-switch laser technology. These lasers can remove all types of tattoo safely and effectively. So, if you have a tattoo, it can be removed.

Tattoo removal has actually existed for a while, but never in such an effective form. With the latest technology at Shattered Ink, they can remove all tattoo types including amateur and professional, single and multi-coloured. From a single dot to a full sleeve or back piece, Shattered Ink offers outstanding results. For an example, see the picture below, which was taken after just five treatments.

Whenever I heard anyone talk about tattoo removal, the prevailing opinion was that, yes, it could be done, but it hurt. And it hurt a lot. However, with their excellent equipment, getting a tattoo removed with Shattered is no more painful than being tattooed, although removal is much quicker. And, Shattered Ink can also discuss pain free treatment options in an initial consultation. So there is no longer a barrier to removal, especially with the cost effective treatments available.

Single laser treatments start from just £30. Depending on the size of the tattoo, a course of treatments is usually required and could cost as little as £90. Payment options are discussed and agreed during an initial consultation and discounts can be arranged if you require a longer course of treatments.

So, if you have a tattoo that you regret or no longer want, it can be removed, and it can be done effectively by Shattered Ink. For more information about them, their service and the technology and science behind it all, give them a call on (01204) 684539, or visit their feature page here.


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