7 Seven ways to surprise your other half on Valentine’s Day
27th January 2015
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Valentine’s Day is so special because it allows us to say how we feel about someone that we love. The smallest gesture can be so vital in a relationship, or ‘would be’ relationship. Simple things like saying how you feel are so important, how often do we say ‘I love you’ to our partner? Not often enough, truth be told, we take each other for granted all too often. So why not go the extra mile this Valentine’s Day and really show how much we care. What a great way to start off the New Year. To set you off on the right path we offer :-

  1. Bring home a bottle of champagne and the materials for a lovely meal in.
  2. Book a nice restaurant, something out of the ordinary, but book early.

Instead of going with the usual crowd to the pub, make a special effort. A romantic dinner for two, with candles, and music, maybe a cabaret or dancing, perfect.

  1. Arrange a reliable babysitter, or ask Grandma and Granddad to have the children for the night, the Grandparents will love having the children and you are free to have fun.
  2. Book a ‘fly away’ break for a couple of days in the sun. Sand, sea, and sangria, putting the winter blues behind you.
  3. Book a show, with a door to door package. Stay local,or take in the West End of London – or Broadway in New York if you are so minded.
  4. Book a nice walking week end, with B and B, in the Lake District or the Dales and enjoy the most beautiful countryside in the world together.
  5. Turn the telly off, have a really nice take away, and with a bottle of wine curl up and spend ‘us’ time.

Don't forget to just enjoy yourselves, we hope you have a lovely day!

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