SEO Explained Thanks To David Ingram & The Bring Digital Team
22nd January 2013
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SEO is often seen as a dark art of the technology world, and being the Managing Director of Bolton-based SEO Agency, Bring Digital, David Ingram is often asked to reveal the deepest secrets of the inner circle. Sadly, in reality it’s all a lot simpler than that, and Google is quite transparent about what they want to see from websites.

Here's what David has to say on the subject . . .

The search engines have one very clear mission; to deliver the best search results possible when someone types in a query. This is the core product of their business, and it’s on this simple idea that they are able to carry multi-billion pound advertising networks. If the quality of their search results dropped, the advertising revenues would soon drop too.

So when people ask me what it takes to make it to the top of Google the answer is easy; make sure your website is the best result possible for your target search term.

Here’s an example; if you wanted to rank number one for ‘iPod systems Bolton’, you would need to make sure a page on your site is the best possible result for that terms. Here are a few things that Google will consider:

-          The quality of your content; is the text on your page unique, informative and interesting?

-          The design of your page; does your site look trustworthy and attractive?

-          The relevance of the page; are the elements of the page relevant to the search term?

-          The authority of the page; do other websites link to this page as a reference?

The websites that answer these four questions the best are the ones that will rank at the top of the page. No tricks needed!

The great part is; the things Google are looking to see from your website are the same as the things your potential customers want to see; trustworthy sites with great content that provides all the information they are looking for. So spending the time making your website great really is a win/win.

So next time you meet with an SEO Agency and they start to baffle you with techno-jargon, just give them a wink and let them know you know ‘the secret’. 

In his bid to further shine some light on the world of SEO, over the next few months, David and the team will answer these common questions:

How do the search engines calculate the order of their search results?

What’s the difference between paid search (PPC) and organic search (SEO)?

What should I look for when picking an SEO agency?

Why are links from other websites so important?

If you have any specific questions you’d like Bring Digital to answer, or if you’d like to look at the SEO performance of your own website, contact them either by phone at  01204 867023 , or by using the links on their feature page.

And, to see that they practice what they preach, just type ‘Bolton SEO Agency’ into Google. Go on, try it.

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