Sam Allardyce, Villain Or Victim?
3rd October 2016
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I can’t help feeling for the man who once lead Bolton Wanderers to Premiership highs and who still makes his home in Bolton but what do you think, is he really a villain or has he been hung out to dry by the great British press as he states, being scapegoated by the FA?

Personally I like the guy, he’s a character, prepared to put his money where his mouth is and never shied away from controversy. I agree, he’s been stupid and he knows it, showing poor judgement and making ill-advised comments about other popular characters but is he the villain he’s being made out to be?

Opinion seems to be divided as far as I can see, with some die hard supporters staunchly standing by him, while others are ready to string him up for being the scourge of English football and symptomatic of everything that’s wrong with the once beautiful game today, especially in light of the £1,000,000 pay off which accompanied his resignation.

I’d love to hear what you think, as proud Bolton people and what your solution would be to redeem the name of English football and the FA in the eyes of the world.

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