Sailing Club Exchanges Life Jackets For Hard Hats & Hammers
28th June 2012
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When building work has to be undertaken on a property, the usual process is to get a quote from a building firm and then begrudgingly pay that fee. However, when members of the Jumbles Sailing Club realised they could not afford the fee given to them, they swapped their lifejackets for hammers and hard-hats, and did the job themselves.

The work, which should have cost them £150,000, ended up totalling just £41,000, a huge difference. Now, the extension to the Horrobin Lane club has doubled the size of the clubhouse, creating impressive new male and female changing rooms (necessitated by the growth in popularity of the sport amongst women), a boat house to store their safety vessel, a store room, a wet room, and a toilet for disabled sailors.

Now, two and a half years later, the work is completed, and delighted members have taken to the water to celebrate, hosting a fun day on the Jumbles resevoir with demonstrations and races.

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