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25th October 2013
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Lubna from True Dentistry explains her philosophy and how her approach to facial treatments is much the same as their approach to dentistry.

Find out what the client wants, take the time to listen, advise them of their options and give them the best treatment available. Gently and safely.

Everybody wants to look good, to look their best and most of us want to look younger but natural. Our aim is exactly that, to soften lines and wrinkles, but essentially leaving you looking like you at your best. We find that people are often worried that treatments such as Botox and fillers will be too obvious and unnatural. We can assure our clients that when carried out skilfully, and with care, as we do with everything at True Dentistry, the results are beautiful.

With Botox you can de wrinkle the forehead, eye area and between the eyebrows, if you want to, to get rid of that crown. An added benefit of Botox is that it actually helps prevent further deepening of wrinkles and lines, effectively slowing down the effects of time on your skin. Our fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in the body which helps to plump out the skin. We can soften lines and folds from the nose down to the mouth. Fillers can even subtly turn up the angles of the mouth. Small changes that turn back the years. No one will know. They'll simply say how good you're looking.

Our emphasis is on subtlety, balance and above all safety. We ensure that our service is the best the industry has to offer and that the products we use are safe, reliable and well tested. More importantly, we take the time to get to know you, your aims and your concerns and you can rest assured that we will answer all your questions honestly and openly.

Come and have a coffee with us and find out if any of these are suitable for you. We will explain the options and differences between them, our clients tell us that the treatments are a great boost to their confidence.


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