Retired Keith Ramsey passes on his experience to the future workforce at Alliance Learning
8th August 2014
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Keith Ramsey worked as a sheet metal worker for over two decades and he is now using the skills and experience he’s learnt over his 20 year career to benefit the current crop of apprentices at Alliance Learning.

He was employed in the aircraft industry for over 20 years, working with thin plating to heavy fabrication metal.

But since his retirement Keith has put his expertise to good news by volunteering at Alliance Learning as a fabrication and welding assistant tutor. Keith felt that benefiting at Alliance Learning would the perfect chance to support young apprentices and support through their learning journey using his own real life experiences.

Keith says that Alliance Learning provide a 5 star service to apprentices and he finds working with the workforce of tomorrow incredibly rewarding and would recommend it to everybody.

Everyone at Alliance Learning want to thank Keith for his contribution to their company, which is greatly appreciated. 

To benefit from Keith and the dozens of other experienced tutors at Alliance Learning, teaching engineering, managment and more, call them on 01204 689592. 

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