Recycle, don’t dump your waste this Christmas!
11th December 2013
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We all eat and drink more during the festive period therefore creating a lot of food waste but we need to make sure we recycle our waste and don't dump it.

Or even the wrapping paper and cardboard boxes? Make sure you recycle! Recycling waste is very important as it reduces our carbon footprint. Did you know that for every tonne of waste the council has to dispose of they are charged £270 pounds! So, recycling your waste will save you, the taxpayer's money.

A lot of people already recycle and the amount of recycled waste collected from the council has significantly increased and the amount of black bin waste has decreased since 2012.

Here's some of the Christmassy things you can recycle in your bins:

Green Bin - All food waste such as meat bones, vegetable peelings, leftover Christmas cake, sprouts, holly, mistletoe and your Christmas tree (chopped into pieces)

Beige Bin - All paper waste such as wrapping paper, cardboard boxes, custard and brandy sauce cartons, mince pie boxes and Christmas cards.

Burgundy Bin - All glass and plastic waste such as wine bottles, beer bottles, foil from mince pies and tree chocolate, plastic bottles with no lids, empty squirty cream cans, drinks cans, empty sauce jars.

If you have any excess waste which won't fit in your bins or can't be recycled you can also take theme to the household recycling centres around Bolton which are open every day except Christmas day and Boxing Day.

So, we hope you carry on recycling and if you would like to check your bin collection dates click here.

Also, if you would like to receive bin reminders, recycling tips and service announcements click here.

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