Reasons your small business needs a PR Campaign!
3rd October 2016
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Public Relations. Using the full title, we can begin to understand the importance of this relationship between a business and its potential customers.

A definition of Public Relations is: raising public understanding of who you are, what you do, and how you do it. By raising awareness in a positive way through various communications channels we can create a positive image that will enable spontaneous recognition of the brand and the benefits on offer. Public Relationships are built on trust, confidence, integrity and are underwritten by good value.

Public Relations are too valuable to leave to chance; serious planning is required including the use of media at every opportunity to keep your message in front of the public.

Here are six reasons to embrace positive PR for your business:

1) Positive PR can help present any business as a larger entity, this is exceptionally enterprising. A business receiving publicity through blogs published in the media and on social-media can build a more beneficial image of the business in the customers’ minds, generating interest is a key part of the buying cycle.

2) Positive PR can raise awareness that your business exists, smaller businesses especially may struggle to get noticed, good PR can create an amazing amount of visibility for you and your business.

3) Getting The “Word Out” Is vital.  Unfortunately, in the present trading climate, the quality of the product or service that you provide is not the most important factor in attaining new customers. Quality and a good reputation are very important, but telling the world that you are there is also essential. If your prospects and customers are going to do business with you, they must be able to find you. Therefore, dividing your time between perfecting your goods and services and “getting the word” out is time well spent.

4) Traditional Marketing may be less effective in some circumstances, however, as part of a joined-up strategy including positive PR it does have a value. Marketing is essential to any business, getting the mix right is about getting the most out of the effort. A good PR campaign can create hundreds of positive stories about you and your business at little or no cost making this a rather cost effective form of marketing.

5) Get ahead of the competition, a good way to outshine the competition is to seize every positive PR opportunity through radio, print and online. Chances are that your competitors haven’t put together a comprehensive PR campaign, so you might as well use this to your advantage. Even if they have, your campaign will be different and quite possibly a good deal better.

6) Some Positive Public Relations come without a hefty price tag. A marketing strategy combined with free PR will give the best of both worlds and when successful may even present the opportunity to reduce the cost of less useful marketing tools, mail shots etc.

Angela Kelly is a freelance journalist and writer, she has gained experience working as a news reported, feature writer and features editor! She writes regularly for different magazines and newspapers and can offer her help and support with your PR campaign. 

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