Prevent Burst Pipes This Winter With The Help of VPS
10th December 2014
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Its that time of year where temperatures can plummet without warning. Here VPS Plumbing  share some brilliant tips to help you avoid having burst pipes over the Winter Period.

Pipes tend to freeze in the winter for a number of reasons but the most common are

  1. Poorly protected pipes that have not been insulated
  2. Exposure to icey drafts 
  3. Pipes inside cupboards where warm air from your home may not reach these pipes.

Pipes also freeze and this can be because...

  1. The water in your actual pipes freezes and so expands within the pipes
  2. If the water continually freezes and expands, there can be a pressure build up
  3. As a result the repeated pressure cause a burst.

So how to prevent this from happening

  1. Get insulated in lofts, tanks, pipes etc. 
  2. Keep out the cold, check your central heating boiler thermostat is working correctly and in extreme cold weather, leave your heating on a low setting.
  3. Make sure you know where your stopcock is so you can turn it off in an emergency.
  4. Check your pipes regularly to make sure they havent frozen or showing signs of a burst.
  5. Maintenance is the key!

If you would like more advice from an expert Plumber, then dont hesitate to give VPS a call 

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