Preparing yourself for the council tax energy rebate
19th April 2022
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With the government announcing a one-off payment of £150 in the form of a council tax energy rebate, you might find yourself questioning how you would go about getting this rebate?


First things first, who is eligible? Anyone living in council tax bands A to D can claim the £150 council tax energy rebate. If you’re unsure of your council tax band, you can call the council or use this handy tool: that will tell you.


The council have stated that anyone who pays their council tax by direct debit will automatically be paid the £150 and should expect the payment in May 2022. However, if you do not choose to pay by direct debit an application form will be available on the council’s website in late April or Early may. This means you will have the option to have the money paid into your bank account or receive it as credit on your council tax account.


In addition, a discretionary scheme will be available to support vulnerable people on low incomes who do not pay or are exempt from council tax, or whose properties are in E to H.

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