Prepare your child for the first day of school in Bolton
24th July 2013
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I know, it’s not even September yet, but many parents are still thinking about their children going back to school. How you prepare them for going back to school, or starting school for the first time? Well our bestof Bolton members have got some ideas to share.

You don’t want to be panicking about childcare come the new academic year. School Shuttle, as the name suggests, can solve that conundrum. They can collect from St Joseph’s, Church Road, Ladybridge, Lavender Road and Chowbent. Any child aged between 3 and 14 can come to the after school club or breakfast club. Ring 01204 684544 to book in.  

4 and 5 year olds starting school for the first time know there will be a lot of changes and new procedures to follow. Get your young person prepared with Kip McGrath’s Get Ready for School Programme. It will cover everything from motor skills, talking, using a computer and more. This way, the first day of primary school won’t be such a daunting experience. Telephone Sherrie at Kip McGrath Bolton to find out more on 01204 684450.

Toms Toys will make sure every school child who comes through their doors have the trendiest backpack. Their brightly coloured bags come in a choice of colours and designs. They’ll fit in all the books, PE kit and stationary you could possibly want. Buy a backpack by going online, into the shop or phoning 01204 684072.

Bolton has many independent retailers selling school uniform. There’s Harrisons on Blackburn Road, Whittakers on Deansgate, Smart Clothing on Blackhorse Street and Parkers Clothing in Stewart Street. How many more can you name? They may not be bestof Bolton members, but as they’re local independent businesses we support them.

There are other more practical ways you can prepare too. In the last week before school starts, re establish school routines. Wake a child up at the time they would be if they were going to school, set mealtimes at similar times to what they are at school and change bedtime to the time it would be on school nights too. That way, it's less of a shock when school comes round again.

Talk to any teachers at the school if possible before they start. That way a child has a familiar face and you know what the teacher's expectations are regarding homework and behaviour etc. 

Practice with a child skills they will need at school, like working as a team, writing, reading, listening and sitting still for a long time, especially if they've never been to school before. It will help them to settle more quickly. 

Have a conversation with a child before they go back, to chat through any worries or anxieties they have about it. Reassure them it's normal to be frightened, but say all their friends are in the same position and everyone gets some butterflies, even the teachers. Tell them exactly what they can expect on the first day.

Decide where homework will be done, where lunchboxes will left and set out uniform the night before, to avoid last minute panic on the day itself. 

Meet up with other children in their class throughout the holidays, so again they'll have company come September. Find out if there are are any clubs a child could join, not only will it improve their social skills, it'll be something for them to look forward too as well.



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