Premier Stores' new range of mattresses can help you sleep better
20th February 2014
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Premier Stores have a new line of mattresses now in stock, designed to help the 50% of people who suffer sleeping problems in the UK.

Your insomnia could be because you’re not using the right mattress. The Sleep Council recommend you replace your mattress every 7 years but many people don’t do that.

Premier Stores’ new product, the Mammoth V-Max, has been specially designed to help you sleep better.

The manufacturers of the bed worked with a leading sleep expert and chiropracic associations to create the best possible mattress. They designed it so that it offers perfect postural support for maximum comfort levels. Your spine will stay perfectly aligned to the mattress, meaning you won’t end up with aches and pains from sleeping awkwardly in your hips, shoulders, back and neck.

Another benefit of the V Max is it encourages airflow around the body. This cools muscles and encourages moisture to evaporate as we slumber. Therefore, muscles revcover quicker, we enjoy a dry nights sleep and any harmful allergens disappear. These potentially would stay around on a normal mattress.

All the mattresses in the Mammoth range are naturally hygienic. They stop bacteria and dust mites from breeding, so are perfect for people suffering from sensitive skin, rhinitis and eczema.

The original mattress from Mammoth is called the Performance 20&22 and has 3 depths to it. It’s developed in partnership with the Chiropractic Patients Association and can provide back support and easing of pressure on backs to patients.

The performance pocket bed is a mix of old and new designs. It has the special medical grade foam that helps circulation and relieve pressure, and the new bounce and support of a pocket spring.

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