Power Washing North West Set To Help Thousands More With Their 'Dry-Mist' System
7th January 2013
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Previously, I blogged about how Power Washing North West, part of the Walkden Group, were not only great at cleaning conservatories and re-dazzling driveways, but they could also decontaminate areas to prevent bacteria and infections. Well, thanks to their new distribution deal, they're set to help people nationwide.

Especially important at this time of year, decontamination is essential in preventing a number of bugs and viruses from spreading. The Royal Bolton Hospital and the Bolton NHS Foundation Trust could be fined as much as £4.5million for not keeping the level of infection down. And two schools were also closed for 'deep-cleaning'.

Now the Walkden Grouphas formed a partnership with Amazon Bio-Guard to further promote the system, Eradic8, which could be used to perform 'deep-cleaning required on buildings that have been hit by bugs. Power Washing North West also have a deal with the London-based Willow Group in place.

Essentially, how it works, is the unique dry mist disinfectant equipment uses the latest technology to disperse eradic8 A2Z high level disinfectant solution into the atmosphere of unoccupied areas. A "dry mist" effectively means that surfaces or equipment are not adversely affected by the system unlike conventional wet "fogging" applications which can soak treated surfaces, potentially causing damage.

Power Washing North West, part of the Walkden Group, is a family run business established in 2001. All staff are fully qualified and trained Walkden group continually pursues additional accreditations, thus improving on it's current working practices.

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