Power Washing North West; Cleaners, Driveway Specialists, Super Heroes?
11th October 2012
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Power Washing North West, part of the Walkden Group, is a family run business established in 2001. They are excellent with all aspects of domestic cleaning and commercial cleaning, whether you need someone to make your conservatory sparkle or you have an office which needs functioning windows.

Oh, and they can also decontaminate areas and sanitise them safely and effectively.

Yes, thanks to their new dry fogging system, Power Washing North West are able to offer high-level antimicrobial efficacy and automated delivery systems reducing surface and airborne microbiological contamination and affecting de-odorisation. Confused?

Well, from what I am told, it's a very simple process. But, why worry about it, when Power Washing North West know what they're doing, and have a team of professional's trained with this kind of proceedure.

Essentially, how it works, is the unique dry mist disinfectant equipment uses the latest technology to disperse eradic8 A2Z high level disinfectant solution into the atmosphere of unoccupied areas. A "dry mist" effectively means that surfaces or equipment are not adversely affected by the system unlike conventional wet "fogging" applications which can soak treated surfaces, potentially causing damage.

See, simple. Erm, yes. Power Washing North West can desrcibe and explain the process much better than I can, and have explained it on their website. There is also a handy table showing clearly that their dry mist system is definitely the way forward. There is also some information on the sanitation services they also offer. After all, prevention is always better than a cure.

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