Police Officers Turn To Twitter In Their Continued Fight Against Crime In Bolton
28th June 2012
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The phenomenon of Twitter has revolutionised the way billions of people across the globe view and utilise social media. Regular people are addicted, celebrities too, and now another group of individuals are jumping on the hype. Police officers in Radcliffe hope the networking website will provide a new way of finding out residents' concerns about crime and disorder.

The move comes after a lack of interest in PACT (Partnerships And Communities Together) meetings, an initiative launched in 2010, which holds gatherings every six weeks in six different parts of the town. These are often only attended by two or three members of the public, with attendance regularly falling to zero.

In comparison, the team's Twitter account - @gmpradcliffe - has more than 960 followers. They are hoping to take advantage of these significant numbers by holding a 'virtual meeting' instead, with the first being from 6.30pm to 8.30pm on Thursday, June 28th.

Officers hope many of these followers will take part to bring up grievences they may never usually air.

It is believed to be the first time that a virtual meeting has een held by Greater Manchester Police.

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