Police Launch Operation Tinsel and Sherry To Keep People Safe in Bolton Over Christmas
12th December 2012
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Operation Sherry will take place in the town centre and Operation Tinsel will be for the Middlebrook Retail and Leisure Park.

The police will be increasing the number of patrols across the area and their targets will be vehicle crime, pick pockets and shoplifters.

Officers patrolling Bolton will be wearing headcams at night so they can capture any criminal activity in the town centre.

The police in Bolton are giving out strong messages that anyone coming to Bolton who think they can cause trouble, need not bother as the police are on high alert and watching out for undesirables.

Bottles of water which are branded with the message 'Think Safe, Drink Safe' will be handed out to people by special constables and steet angels as they go between bars and clubs at the weekend.

The police are also promoting the 'Every Action has a Consequence' Campaign, originally launched in Blackburn, aims to reduce the number of alcohol related violent crime. 

Police are also determined to stamp down on retail and car crime this year in the run up to Christmas in Great Lever and Farnworth with extra Police and Community Support Officers on patrol in Farnworth Centre and at Burnden Retail Park.

Police will be running street surgeries in Farnworth on Market Street and on the retail park to mark drivers number plates with invisible ink and fit them with tamper-proof screws.

With so much proactive work taking place by GMP in Bolton this year, you can feel safe and certain that on the run up to Christmas you will feel safe and able to go out and have a fabulous time in our town.

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