Please give a warm best of Bolton welcome to Debonaire FM
21st August 2014
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Debonaire FM have just joined us here at the best of Bolton and so you can get to know them better, here’s some history on the company and more information on their brilliant products.

FM Fragrance and cosmetics is a luxury brand of designer perfume and other products that is becoming extremely popular across the world. It is currently available in 56 countries and is marketed and distributed using local agents on the ground. Debonaire FM works under the umbrella of FM Fragrance and Cosmetics. FM is the brand Frederico Mahora who are the company that Debonaire FM sell the products for. 

Debbie McIntosh is the independent agent for FM in the Bolton area. The company prefers to market their products using local agents, customer referrals and word of mouth rather than spending money on advertising in shops, using models or famous people or advertising on TV. They do this to keep their prices low whilst still maintaining quality products.

And what a collection of stunning products they have. FM have over 150 different fragrances and 3,000 different products in total, which include home care, pet care, car accessories, skin care, coffee and cosmetics.

All of FM’s perfume oils come from Drom in Germany and FM are one of only a few companies to have access to these particular oils. The other brands that access these are those businesses you’ll find on the high street, like Chanal, Prada and Hugo Boss. This gives the FM products the same exceptional standard and quality as the more well known designer perfumes on the market.

Because they recognise that some people are unfamiliar with the FM brand, FM like to direct people to the fragrances they are familiar with, like floral, fruity, oriental etc. They also appreciate that lots of people don’t understand fragrance families either, so they will happily ask people what types of perfume they normally like instead.

This will help them work out what FM products the customer might like, even though fragrances will smell different on different people.

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