Pay A Visit To Barrons Of Beef, Bolton, To Celebrate National Butchers Week
21st February 2013
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Now more than ever, the importance of the local butcher is becoming clear, and Barrons Of Beef is one of the best in Bolton. Pay them a visit for National Butchers Week (4th - 10th March). You'll only get horse at Barrons if you ask for it.

It's so easy to buy meat at the supermarket in this day and age, but as recent news suggests, it's probably not the best idea. At a local butchers like Barrons Of Beef, it is their speciality, they are experts, and will only provide you with the best meat possible.

They only use local produce, and, as they are professionals, all meat is handled and treated in a way to bring out the best flavours imaginable. Their beef, for example, is hung on the bone for 21 days (as opposed to the 14 day standard in a supermarket). And if you ask for beef, you can be sure you'll get beef.

That's not to say you can't get more exotic meats, but they are correctly labelled, and correctly managed. So, if you are in the mood for something a little different, how about a zebra steak for dinner this evening?

Or, if your family is more conventional, you cannot go wrong with a Barrons Of Beef meat pack; a selection of family favourites for a low price, and available to be delivered to your door.

So, why not give Barrons Of Beef a try, especially with National Butchers Week around the corner. You'll never want supermarket meat again.


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