P & D Heating and Bathrooms receive a lovely review from a very happy customer
1st June 2012
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At thebestof bolton, one of the main criteria for membership that we ask of our members is to regularly give us ongoing positive feedback from their satisfied customers. Of course most customers will write a few lines but recently P & D Bathrooms did a full install of a bathroom and below is the testimonial they received back from the customer after asking the simply question 'Please will you write us a testimonial' When you read it i am sure you will agree that feedback like this is essential for the growth of any business and we are pleased and proud to have P & D Heating and Bathrooms as thebestof bolton members

We have recently had our bathroom supplied and fitted by P&D Bolton. We are absolutely thrilled with our bathroom it looks stunning. We needed to have our bathroom re fitted because I am suffering with a terminal medical condition meaning I was really struggling to get in and out of our bath and each time I used the bath I would be in so much pain and reduced to tears. When we were choosing a company to replace our bathroom we needed a company who understood why we were replacing the bathroom and who were also considerate to my needs and understood what I needed in the new bathroom and what I can and cannot manage to do. 

We had a few quotes from different companies but none of the other companies were as nice, polite, friendly but above all professional as P&D, who were also extremely considerate to my needs and listened and fully understood the struggle I was having. 

All the staff members we have dealt with have been so lovely, Paul came out and had a look at the bathroom which may I add was not a conventional room to start with, we needed the ceiling lowered and walls built and moved etc, it was going to be a big job and something I thought would never look right as it was such a huge task, I could never picture how it would look, and had been disappointed with other companies trying to steer me towards a bath with a shower over the top even though I had said many times I could not manage. This was never the case with Paul, he was so caring and kind from the first time I met him.

We received a quote via email and also a hard copy through the post, this was ideal as I spend a lot of time using my laptop and could look through the quote any time I wanted but we also had the hard copy if we needed it. 

Once we had decided we were going to go ahead with the work, Paul came again to have another look at the room and what we had decided on, once again he was lovely and friendly and we knew we had made the best decision. We then went to look at the showroom in Bolton and spoke to Daniel, who like Paul was lovely, he spent a great deal of time with us both choosing things and talking us through products and idea’s and we never felt rushed, I must have asked him a million and one questions but didn’t seem bothered by it he spent lots of time with us, something many companies don’t do anymore, we were really pleased.

The work was carried out by Danny and Matthew, they are without a doubt the nicest people we have ever had come to the house to do any sort of work, they were also very friendly, honest, kind, caring and professional, not just with ourselves but also with our two daughters. Our eldest daughter is autistic and struggles with having people in the house that she doesn’t know but she was fine and spoke to Danny and Matthew something she would never normally do with someone she doesn’t know. 

Considering the work we had done, for example lowered ceilings, walls plaster boarded, new walls built etc there was never any mess in our house, I expected there to be mess in every room but there was no mess at all anywhere in the house, not even in the bathroom. Danny and Matthew always put dustsheets down upstairs, and even all down the staircase and into the kitchen, I was so surprised that there was no mess at all.

Our bathroom is outstanding, we are so happy with it, words will never be enough to describe how grateful we are to P&D, Danny and Matthew have done an amazing job and totally transformed the room from what looked like an old horrible uncomfortable bathroom in a corridor to a beautiful bathroom, and gone are the tears and agony as we now have a beautiful walk in shower which has made a massive difference to my life. We will never be able to say thank you enough to P&D for all their help and to Danny and Matthew for the wonderful bathroom we have, I cannot put into words how happy we are with our bathroom and would happily recommend P&D to anyone, I would gladly let P&D hand my number to any customers thinking of using them, and I would highly recommend them to anyone, I have already given the telephone number to one of my friends.

P&D are without a shadow of a doubt the best company we have ever used and we couldn’t be happier, they are a fantastic company and we will never be able to thank them enough.

Many thanks

Zoe Denby and Simon Hollis



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