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2nd July 2012
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If you're one of the thousands of local people going on holiday this Summer (and let's be honest, with weather like ours, who could blame you), you'll know that there is so much to do before you can even think of getting on the plane and jetting off to foreign climes.

Indeed, planning a holiday and everything that goes with it can be more stressful than the time taken toiling beforehand. But don't panic, we here at thebestof Bolton have numerous business available to help make it go as smooth as possible. Here is a handy directory for all your holiday needs . . .

Security : Probably not the first thing you'd think about when going away, but what better opportunity to make sure your house (and business) is safe and secure than when you leave the property for an extended time period. Authorized Access have everything you could possibly need. Plus, they have luggage locks (including US-compliant ones) to make sure everything you take with you is safe too.

Beach-Body : It's something very few admit to, but who wouldn't want the perfect body to turn heads on the beach? Both Bolton Arena and Helio Fitness have got you covered, with all the equipment necessary to whip you into ship (excluding the whips, probably).

Holiday-Look : We have several salons just waiting to help give you a new look for your trip, or to revamp and renew your current one. John Julien International can give you a bespoke hairstyle, whilst Lasting Beauty and Allure can help you with the rest; make-up, manicure and model-perfection.

Transport : It's an essential component in any journey, so why not let someone else deal with it. Both Egerton Cars and Rapid Private Hire have experience in this area with airport runs a common occurence in their day-to-day work. They'll deliver you in comfort, luxury, and, most importantly, on-time.

Domestic : If you've decided to stay in the country, and feel like doing some camping, then good luck, I hope the weather improves for your sake. But, Campcraft have an excellent range of equipment to make your time in the great outdoors as good as it can be. They cannot fix the weather, however.

Memories : Without intending to skip the whole holiday itself, nobody wants to return home to find the photographs they took don't represent the amazing time they had. Let's face it, what's more fun than showing off your holiday snaps to jealous family, friends and co-workers. Ruaux Photography can give you some lessons and advice on how to take the perfect pictures.

Business Or Pleasure? : Travelling is fun whatever the purpose, but for those who travel often with business in mind, Stannmore Insurance have a great package available for business Directors.

So, wherever you are going, for whatever reason, take care and have fun.

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