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3rd August 2015
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Sitting quietly in the doorway, I have specifically noticed quite a bit of chat about the weather…or should I say quite a bit of moaning about the weather of late, whether it be the staff, the workmen collecting keys for jobs, the passers-by popping in to see our properties or the buyers collecting their keys before going to unpack the vans with all their belonging in…in the rain!  Interestingly it has also sparked all sorts of discussions about what we expect from the ‘summer’…beach holidays, flip-flops, sunglasses, ice-creams….mmmmm(!!), the list goes on.  In reality though for us it is a really exciting time.  As you may have heard, we have now taken delivery of and erected our new for sale boards.  Couple that with a brand new software system it has been quite busy shall I say.  

Now, I haven’t been here long but I am told that Lancasters has helped people to buy and sell houses in the area for over 16 years and I so understand why this is a huge step for the team.  They found the plans earlier today too for the original logo and realised that back then it was ahead of its time and was a perfect reflection of the company’s style – traditional yet innovative.  It is these qualities that have enabled them to ride the storm of recessions and slumps in the property market, or so I hear!  So, we are currently feeling really positive– with our rebranding and knowledge of the market and area, now is a great time to buy and sell houses again.  So take my advice, if it is raining or you too aren’t getting what you want out of your ‘summer’, why not spend some time thinking about your future.  Beat the rush and get ready for moving in another direction after the holiday season is over – trust us, after 6 weeks at home with the kids people will be ready to start property hunting in September, will your house be the one they choose?  The feeling in the office is good…despite the weather. “Woof”

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